Wildlife Crime Workshops


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How to book: (There are no Wildlife Crime Workshops to book on to at this current time)

  • Fill in the online form at the bottom of this page and pay through our PayPal Payment Gateway
  • Call us on 01328 850 590 and pay over the phone by debit or credit card
  • Send a cheque made payable to the Hawk and Owl Trust to: Wildlife Crime Workshops, Hawk and Owl Trust, Turf Moor Road, Sculthorpe, Norfolk NR21 9GN
  • Drop into the centre and pay at reception at Sculthorpe Moor Nature Reserve

Is this course for me?

  • This course is for anybody who spends time in the countryside and wants to help stop raptor persecution
  • You will learn how to Recognise, Record and Report wildlife crime and help bring the perpetrators to justice
  • You will learn how to manage the crime scene safely if poisons/traps, etc. are present
  • The course will be run by Craig Fellowes of The Wildlife Training Consultancy, who has trained many of our Police Wildlife Crime Officers in the UK and who is an expert in the subject. For more information see here:

Why the Hawk and Owl Trust are running these courses

  • The Hawk and Owl Trust want to see a lot more of these wildlife criminals caught and prosecuted. Having spoken to many Wildlife Crime Police Officers and several Police Commissioners, it is clear we are failing to spot the crime, record the evidence effectively and report it efficiently to the police.
  • As a practical organisation we want to offer the training to start to put this right. We want to help create an ever increasing team of trained people who will be Wildlife Crime Aware and who will help put a stop to the carnage once and for all.
  • We started this series of courses in Norfolk and are running them at various venues round the UK. If you would like to register interest for future workshops – please email
  • We are grateful to Birders Against Wildlife Crime for highlighting their Recognise, Record and Report campaign at the ‘Eyes in the Field’ Wildlife Crime Conference at Buxton in 2014 and hope that these workshops will add to the many new initiatives that flowed from that conference.
  • We will also be working closely with the Wildlife Crime Aware team and the fantastic materials and messages they provide see here:
  • Last and by no means least, we hope that these workshops will feed into a united effort from across the whole conservation movement to save our raptors from criminals, especially our hen harriers. Without the cessation of the slaughter, other conservation measures, past, current and future will be futile.

We really do hope to see you at one of the workshops soon.