Summercourt Academy Peregrine Day

The Group were invited to Summercourt Academy, Newquay, Cornwall and spent an enjoyable day working with all four classes; teaching them facts about the Peregrine and other Birds of Prey that live in the British Isles and around the coast of Cornwall in particular.

The Children of Summercourt Academy
The Children of Summercourt Academy as featured in the local newspaper Newquay Voice

Every child ranging from 4-10years, compared their own Wingspan, watched numerous videos, learnt about the Peregrine’s amazing eyesight as well as being able to see many other items of interest and colouring their own Peregrine and Barn Owl face masks. All the children and teachers enjoyed the experience as did the team. Education and discovery at such an early age is an important part in helping the conservation of our magnificent birds of prey.

Please click here for further details if you wish to contact the group and are interested in holding your own similar event.

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