Statement relating to the Hen Harrier Rowan

The Hawk and Owl Trust has always, and will always continue, to base its statements on the facts and evidence available to it at the time of any publication.

Recently, a hen harrier (Rowan), carrying a Hawk and Owl Trust satellite tag was found dead. The tag was paid for by a private donation to the Trust for the purpose of research.

Natural England were responsible for fitting the tag, recovering the body, authorising and paying for the post-mortem of Rowan and releasing the results. All subsequent statements from the Hawk and Owl Trust were based solely on information provided to them by Natural England.

The Trust will continue to contribute towards the six-point DEFRA plan, as in the absence of other feasible plans, we consider that this is in the best way at present to deliver breeding harriers back into England.

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8 Responses to Statement relating to the Hen Harrier Rowan

  1. I have followed this sorry saga with increasing dismay. It has brought the Trust into even further disrepute and whatever supporters of the Trust’s current position may believe, leaves the Trust looking like apologists for raptor persecution. The Defra plan is in no way a ‘feasible plan’ itself but rather an attempt to divert attention from the near extinction of Hen harrier as a breeding bird in England solely due to illegal persecution.

    • The Trustees of this organisation have made the decision to adopt a pragmatic approach to the current situation regarding Hen Harriers. This decision is kept under constant review. Should you or any other individual be prepared to put forward a detailed, alternative proposal the board would be pleased to give it due consideration.

  2. This statement tells us nothing.
    I want to know if and why HOT had any influence over the changing of the wording of the police report from ‘was shot’ to ‘was likely to have been shot’.
    Why did they not use the usual ‘consistent with being shot’.
    Why introduce an element of doubt when there was none?

    The suspicion that HOT were downplaying this incident coinciding with the Westminster debate with the added publicity threatening the commitment to the immovable goal of withdrawing from the scheme if persecution is proven to persist.

    This suspicion is further reinforced by the false statement from HOT that ‘the initial post mortem results were not wholly conclusive and further metallurgical tests were required‘. This was a lie was it not?

    And to confound it all rather than explain what you are hiding entrench further with this paranoid statement here.

    Come clean and save some dignity.

    • Thank you for your input on our web site. We refer you to our statement of 6th April and may we reiterate that all past and future statements will be based on the facts available to us and not speculation.

  3. Thank you for your update. I would like to make a FOI request with Natural England regarding this incident. Please could you provide the name of the investigating officer from NE.


  4. Was the 6-point DEFRA plan discussed at the AGM? If so, are you publishing the minutes on this website, as in previous years?

    • As you may or may not be aware the minutes from the last AGM are as yet unapproved, and will not be approved until the next AGM later in the year, as is usual. The decision to publish once approved and signed will be a matter for the board.