Shocking RSPB Peregrine nest cam footage

 Whilst opinions on how to solve the problem of illegal persecution of birds of prey may vary, there is no doubt whatsoever that illegal persecution does take place, and is the cause of both local and national reductions in bird numbers. Illegal persecution is absolutely unacceptable and as an organisation we totally condemn it. It is not just Hen Harriers that suffer either, as this appalling incident, covertly filmed by RSPB in 2016 in the Forest of Bowland, shows. Bowland has a poor record for raptor breeding productivity, and this particular Peregrine nest had failed previously in unexplained circumstances. The camera was set up, and returned to 10 days later, when this shocking footage was revealed.
The perpetrators go to great lengths to ensure that they remain anonymous and sadly this shocking and sick incident (like so many others) has not resulted in a conviction as the identity of the person involved remains unknown. **Warning, this Peregrine nest cam footage shows some very distressing scenes**  Watch here


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