Moths at Sculthorpe Moor Commnity Nature Reserve

Wildlife Moths
From left – right: Peach Blossom moth, Buff Tip moth & Elephant Hawk Moth. All Photos © Gary Pummell

Due to the wide range of habitat, Sculthorpe Moor and its environs are home to over 500 species of moth. Although most are common there are a number that are hard to find. Amongst these are willow ermine (yponomeuta rorrella) and cnephasia genitalana which are proposed red data book endangerd species. Other notable species are: yrochoreutis sehestediana, cosmopterix lienigiella, phalonidia manniana, calamotropha paludella, nascia cilialis,cream-bordered green pea (arias clorana)marsh oblique-barred, (hypenode humidalis) and dotted fan-foot (macrochilo cribrumalis). In summer 2010 bactra robustana was discoverd during a moth trapping event. This was most unexpected as its normal habitat is coastal where the larvae feed n the stems of sea club rush. Thanks must go to Jon Clifton and the Norfolk Moth Group who have been mostly responsible for trapping and collecting the data for the reserve. To download the full species list as a pdf click here.

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