Response to Marsh Harrier story

The Hawk and Owl Trust is dedicated to conserving owls and birds of prey in the wild and to increasing knowledge and understanding of them and their vital place in a healthy ecosystem. Persecution of any species is totally unacceptable.

A recent online headline suggests that an application has been, or is going to be, made for a licence to control Marsh Harriers on upland grouse moors. The Hawk and Owl Trust has been asked from a number of sources to comment on this.

No representative of the Trust was present at the meeting referred to in this report, so we are unable to respond directly, especially as some questions have been raised by others over the accuracy of this statement. The Trust works quietly behind the scenes and works only with facts and, in light of this, we are currently seeking further information as to the truth of the situation.

If an application were made to control Marsh Harriers, Hawk and Owl Trust would be completely against such a licence ever being granted.

One Response to Response to Marsh Harrier story

  1. A well balanced response, dealing appropriately with the hearsay element while detailing and reinforcing the Trust’s position on such issues.