A Primary Peregrine Lesson

The Children of Class 3 at St Andrews Church of England Primary School, Buckland Monachorum, Devon, enjoyed their very own dedicated lesson on the Peregrine Falcon.

St.Andrews Primary
Luke Curno with the enthusiastic children of Class 3, St Andrews Primary School

Luke Curno, a member of the South West Peregrine Group, Local Group members of the Hawk and Owl Trust, arranged the whole event on his own. Luke who is just 18 years old himself,  took on the challenge of spreading the word about Birds of Prey and in particular the Peregrine Falcon after running a similar session when the group visited Summercourt Academy back in October 2014.

Luke said:

‘The children really enjoyed the whole experience. I tried to make the presentation as interactive and informative as possible. All the students got to colour a falcon and matched British Bird of Prey silhouettes as well. We measured the children’s own ‘wingspan’, and compared them to their equivalent British Bird of Prey. We even did some maths by recording all of the classes results – the average wingspan equivalent was that of the Marsh Harrier for this age group.’

Luke is currently studying Mammal Ecology and Conservation part time with Exeter University as well as volunteer work for various groups and hopes to pursue his interest in Film Production next year.

He continued:

‘It was a very rewarding experience, to be able to pass on some of my basic knowledge and to get the children to think about the natural world that sits just outside the classroom, they saw a replica Peregrine eggs and a skull and learnt about basic anatomy and the breeding cycle.’

DSCF0110These types of event are seen as being core to South West Peregrine’s strong beliefs on education for the future generations linking in with one of the Hawk and Owl Trust’s key objectives of delivering ‘Imaginative Education’.

Luke remarked:

‘Although I was a little nervous to start with, the children were a pleasure to teach, it was really fun and even the teachers enjoyed it’

He has been invited back to teach another class later in the year.

Hawk and Owl Bookmarks were handed out promoting the ‘Adopt a Box’ scheme and recent publications of the ‘Peregrine’ magazine were left for the class to continue some follow up studies.

Here are just a few of the wonderful colouring and activity sheets that were completed.


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