Report Marsh Harriers with Green Wing Tags

Please Report all Sightings of Wing-tagged Marsh Harriers

Wing tagged marsh harrier
‘B4’ one of the Norfolk tagged birds © Andy Davis

Have you seen a marsh harrier with an obvious bright green wing tag? Help researchers from the North West Norfolk Ringing Group (NWNRG) and the Hawk and Owl Trust track these birds’ movements by reporting your sighting to us so it can be added to the research project.

Marsh Harriers hatched in North Norfolk have been fitted with a lime green wing tag on each wing, bearing a unique identification code of two characters.

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Click the image above to visit the web site
Click the image above to visit the web site

You might be interested in the BTO BirdRinging Demog Blog where Marsh Harriers and their sightings are discussed in detail by the project coordinators John Middleton and Phil Littler of the NWNRG. Click the image above.

If you have observed a marsh harrier (Circus aeruginosus) with a green wing tag please complete the form below, wherever the observation occurs. The study aims to track the birds’ movements, through different seasons, to assess the distances they move from where they hatch.

Marsh Harrier Sighting Report Form

Please Remember | We're looking for sightings where the bird has a GREEN tag for this project - thanks
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