Report a SWORD Casualty

Tell us if you find an owl or other bird of prey dead by the roadside

Help the Trust’s Save Wild Owls from Road Death (SWORD) project by reporting sightings of casualties or birds hunting beside roads. That will help us identify accident black spots.

To find out more about the Operation SWORD project click here.

Priority area: Norfolk but all UK sightings needed

The first stage of SWORD is evaluating the danger to owls and other birds of prey hunting along roads in Norfolk, but after the initial phase we hope to spread the work further afield. To do that most effectively we need reports of casualties or birds of prey over roadside verges sighted anywhere in the UK to identify the areas of greatest hazard from traffic.

To report sightings of live kestrels along key trunk roads through the country see the Kestrel Highways Project.

Note | If you have found the corpse of an owl or other bird of prey and wish to help the cause of science even further there is a national Bird of Prey Monitoring Scheme (BPMS) which may wish to examine the corpse. This is entirely separate from the Hawk and Owl Trust SWORD project. Follow this link for more information on contacting the BPMS

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