Conservation Introduction

Hawk and Owl Trust Conservation

The Hawk and Owl Trust works for the conservation of wild birds of prey and their habitats – both in its growing number of Nature Reserves and in partnership with others.

It is an important part of our work to dispel the myth that birds of prey are ‘vermin’.  This misconceived idea has lead to the unrelenting persecution of birds of prey to the present day. It is essential that the balanced, scientifically accurate argument relating to birds of prey prevails. Click Here for a short video covering this subject.

A special feature of the Trust is the close working partnership between our conservation team and farmers and other landowners, as well as with ornithologists and like-minded environmental organisations. This practice has, for example, already done much to help conserve Britain’s barn owls, harriers and merlins.

Conservation experts give advice to farmers and other landowners on creating, protecting and managing habitats and offer them practical help. They also put up Artificial Nest Sites – boxes, baskets or platforms – for a wide range of owls and other birds of prey where natural sites have been lost or are threatened.

A particular example of the Trust’s work is the Community Barn Owl Project with communities in South-west England learning how to monitor local wildlife and create and conserve habitats.

Other Conservation Topics