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Adopt a Box with the Hawk and Owl Trust: wild birds of prey need places to nest – your contribution will ensure they have that place!

Fact: It is estimated that four out of five barn owl pairs have to use an artificial nest box now due to the loss of traditional nesting sites such as old farm buildings and trees.

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Did you know that 4 out of 5 barn owl pairs need next boxes to nest in due to loss of old barns and trees?
Did you know that 4 out of 5 barn owl pairs need next boxes to nest in due to loss of old barns and trees?

How You Can Help – the perfect Christmas, Birthday, Valentine or Any Reason Present!
Adopt a Box yourself or as a present for a friend – it is such a good way to help owls and other birds of prey. There are nest boxes in many parts of the country and you can Adopt a Box in one of seven regions.

Adopting a nest box through the Hawk and Owl Trust is fun. But you’ll also be doing one of the most practical things possible to help give birds of prey a place to nest. You’ll be kept up to date with what’s going on in your adopted box. You will also learn more about barn owls and the other birds that use the special nest boxes we put up and monitor through out the breeding season. Through your Adopt a Box membership you or the person you nominate will receive a certificate, guides to owl pellets and birds of prey, fact sheets and an annual update on who has used your box.

Shortage of Homes
Loss of old hollow trees and conversion of barns for housing has dramatically reduced the supply of traditional nesting sites for species such as owls. It is estimated that four in every five barn owls now use nest boxes, demonstrating how important boxes are for this species.

Tawny owls, little owls and kestrels are also benefiting from nest boxes, which are put up in carefully selected areas with suitable feeding habitat.

During the breeding season specially trained and licensed conservationists monitor the boxes. Each year you will receive news of the birds that may have used the box allocated to you.You might be lucky enough to hear that eggs were laid and young reared. Most of the boxes are designed for barn owls but other species which might use them are tawny or little owls, kestrel or jackdaw.

Little Owl Nest Box For Sale

Protecting the Breeding Birds
In the interest of conservation we cannot tell you exactly where your box is. The nests of all birds of prey are protected and barn owls have additional legal protection. It is vital that the birds are not disturbed while rearing their young. Furthermore other adopters may share your box.

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