Norwich Peregrines Hatch First Chick of 2014 at Hawk and Owl Trust Urban Peregrine Watch Point

First view of the first chick for Norwich Cathedral Peregrines
First view of the first chick for Norwich Cathedral Peregrines

The first egg hatched on Saturday night (26th April). It was first seen at 19:37 still wet and in its half-shell so the actual separation of the shell would not have been much before that. The female was incubating at the time but the male came in and almost pushed her off the nest, continuing to take his paternal duties very seriously. He settled on the eggs/chick right away and the female flew off. She returned at 20:17 and took over incubation/brooding for the night shift.

Incubation from the laying of the 3rd egg (when incubation proper starts) was 34.19 days (39 days since the egg was laid). Last year the second egg hatched about 6 hours later.

First feed was at 0617 Sunday morning with the female bird bringing in a ready plucked meal that the adults had placed in one of their food storage area ready for this moment. The male left the nest and the female fed the single chick for about four minutes before settling on the nest again.

The chick seems fit and well as far as we can see.

We are expecting another hatching Sunday afternoon/eve. Here are some key dates from 2013.

Eggs laying dates : March 21st, 24th, 26th, 29th
Hatching dates; 30th April, 1st May, 1st May, 2nd May
Average incubation: 33.5 days from 3th egg lay
Fledging dates: 6th June, 7th June, 7th June, 9th June

The Watch Point at Norwich Cathedral is open seven days a week.

Links to video clips of the hatching and first feed:

Hatching (19:37 on 26th)
1st Feed (0617 on 27th):

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