Norwich Peregrine Chicks Ringed

ID for Youngsters on Cathedral Spire Nest Platform

Nigel Middleton Norwich Peregrine Chick
Trust Conservation Officer Nigel Middleton with one of the chicks

21 May 2012 | The three peregrine chicks at the Hawk and Owl Trust’s nest platform on Norwich Cathedral spire have had unique rings fitted so the individuals can be identified in future when they are free flying.

Two, one female and one male, were also fitted with an orange-coloured ring, one marked LJ and the other LL. The third chick is also a male, so observers can easily tell the two males apart, as one has a coloured ring and one doesn’t.

The female is already obviously larger than her siblings, and when adult will be a third bigger than a male.

The leg rings are harmless and do not affect the chicks’ development or ability to fly. The coloured rings are part of a wider peregrine monitoring scheme organised by the British Trust for Ornithology.

Phil Littler Norwich Peregrine Egg Failure
Phil Littler is pictured with an egg which failed to hatch

A BTO-licensed ringer, Phil Littler, had to clamber up inside the spire to where the nest is, 250 feet above street level, to retrieve the chicks for ringing. It is illegal for anyone without a ringing licence to disturb birds of prey at the nest. (Phil is pictured left with an egg which failed to hatch.)

For a 2-minute video of the ringing from BBC Look East click here.

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