Norwich Cathedral Site Readied for Spring

Cathedral Site Readied for Spring

Norwich Cathedral Clean Up Team
Norwich Cathedral Clean Up Team

Stuart Horth of Norfolk’s Fire Fighters volunteered to help former High Sheriff of Norfolk Georgina Holloway and volunteers from the Hawk and Owl Trust to scale the ladders inside the spire of Norwich Cathedral last week. The Hawk and Owl Trust volunteers were carrying out maintenance and cleaning the peregrine nesting platform and webcams.

The Hawk and Owl Trust team, Jan Smith and Phil Littler, were keen to check that everything is ready for the breeding season next spring as the platform cannot be disturbed once the peregrines have started nesting. This year the birds laid their first egg in March and there are high hopes that they will do the same again in 2013.

Visitors to the Cathedral can see the birds around the spire regularly. The adult male and female are visiting the platform from time to time (for recent photos click here) and are expected to remain at the Cathedral through the winter. The two chicks that fledged this summer are now hunting for themselves and will probably move away from the Cathedral over the winter. The young male, Grant, has been ranging quite far afield already but his sister, Bobber, has seemed less inclined to leave the safety of home.

For full details about the Norwich Peregrines visit our dedicated Urban Peregrine Projects web site | click here

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