Norwich Cathedral Peregrine nest camera – update breeding season 2019.

The Norwich Cathedral webcam has a sound function which, although originally working, has not worked since shortly after the camera was installed. On Wednesday 6 February, Hawk and Owl Trust accessed the camera to attempt to solve this problem. This revealed that while the camera itself is fully functioning, the aged infrastructure and wiring of the system as a whole has deteriorated greatly. Working afterwards with the software company that developed the camera we discovered that sound will not be an option until such times as the camera, wiring and infrastructure are completely replaced. A major and extremely expensive job, with significant disturbance implications for the birds.

Although having sound increases the enjoyment for followers of the nest camera, it adds nothing to the scientific reason the camera is there and is not necessary for that. Indeed, most nest cameras (including the other Hawk and Owl Trust one at Bath) do not have a sound function. As it is not a priority, or necessity, for the Trust’s work this remedial work will not be carried out until it becomes a necessity and then only at a suitable time outside of the breeding season.

Please bear in mind that physically accessing the camera system is not easy or straightforward, and the presence of anybody near the nest platform cannot fail to disturb the Peregrines. At this point in the breeding season we will not be investigating the system any further.

We hope that despite this you continue to thoroughly enjoy the stunning high definition video feed from the Norwich cathedral pair, and we are all waiting with bated breath for the start of the 2019 nesting attempt.

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