New Season Breeding Activity at Our Bath Urban Peregrine Project Site

Bath Peregrines
Our Urban Peregrine Nest Platform at Bath

The #bathperegrines have started off the 2015 breeding season with some early courtship rituals. We’ve been observing their behaviour on and around the church from ground level and on the Bath UPP camera since early in January. Now is a good time to make your way down to South Parade or the riverside walk as we are anticipating increased interaction between the pair as they enter the breeding season proper. In previous years we have been treated to a great deal of courtship posturing, calling and some spectacular low level food passes over the heads of observers. The Bath and West Wilts Group regular Sunday watch will start at the end of February/beginning of March and we always welcome volunteers to help. No experience required – if you are interested please let us know by leaving your name in the ‘comments’ and we will get back to you with further information.

5 Responses to New Season Breeding Activity at Our Bath Urban Peregrine Project Site

  1. I’m wondering whether it’s been possible to identify whether this is same falcon and tiercel that mated in the St. John’s nest box last year?

    Good to see the peregrines active so early in the year.

    • Hi Gordon. Thanks for your comment.The tiercel AA is the same breeding male as last year. He was hatched at St John’s in 2007 and was the first peregrine to be ringed in Ed Drewitt’s peregrine colour ring project. Jury is out on the falcon at present. Certain different behaviour traits and her sleeker appearance are leading us to hold fire on commenting on her ID until we have more information. Watch this space!



      • Sorry for my daleyed response Lin. I was most interested in your reply and look forward to seeing what emerges about the female! Many thanks. Gordon.

  2. Hi – I’d love to help out with monitoring etc – I have some limited bird surveying knowledge but am very enthusiastic!