New Norwich Peregrine Nestcam

Video Camera Installed 75 Metres up Norwich Cathedral Spire

New Norwich NestcamThe Hawk and Owl Trust have installed new cameras next to the peregrine nesting platform high on the spire of Norwich Cathedral. The new cameras should give stunning views of the pair of peregrines which have taken up residence at the Cathedral.

Staff and volunteers from the Hawk and Owl Trust were assisted by the Cathedral’s foreman and members of Norfolk Fire and Rescue Service who gave up their spare time to help with the tricky task of leaning out of the windows over 75 metres above the city streets to attach the cameras on the platform. The fire officers had generously already given some of their time off to help install the platform itself earlier in the year.

The peregrine falcon pair first attempted to breed using the platform this Easter but were unsuccessful because the female was still a juvenile. The male is holding his territory and the peregrines can often be seen around the Cathedral and further afield in the city. The female has now moulted into her adult plumage so there are high hopes that they will breed successfully next spring.

Nigel Middleton, Hawk and Owl Trust Conservation Officer for the Eastern Region said, “Once again we have to thank all the clergy and staff at Norwich Cathedral who are giving so much support to the peregrines and members of the Norfolk Fire and Rescue Service who have given their free time so generously to help install the platform and cameras. We will all be waiting with bated breath to see if the peregrines begin to display breeding behaviour and hopefully there will be exciting news in the spring.”

If the peregrines do nest successfully in 2012 the Hawk and Owl Trust will be working with the Cathedral to provide a viewing point in the Cathedral Close so that visitors can see the birds through telescopes. The Trust will be seeking volunteers who are prepared to give some of their time to run this watchpoint and help visitors to the Cathedral learn more about the peregrines. If you would like to get involved please complete a form online, or contact the trust on 01328 856788 or by email here.

Images from the cameras are not yet available on the internet but the Trust plans to show images via webcam in the spring next year. Visit the Urban Peregrine Projects section of this web site or the Norwich Cathedral Site to get the latest information and keep an eye on the sky when you are out and about in the city to see if you can spot a peregrine.

This project is being generously supported in 2011 by: ArchantContiTech UKiCode Systems, LVAS-Imas Ltd, M A PartnersOpticronSIMM Conveyor Services LtdWildSoundsWiSpire by FreeClix and in memory of the late Mr Ray Rogers of Norwich.

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