Mushrooms Magic For Owls

Barn Owl Box at Monaghan Mushrooms

Sarah Chisholm, Quality Manager, of Monaghan Mushrooms with new owl box

As part of a Conservation Plan conducted to assess the environmental impact of the farm on the local area Sarah Chisholm, Quality Manager, of Monaghan Mushrooms at Whitley near Selby contacted Fylingdales Wildlife Ranger Chris Hansell with a view to obtaining a Barn Owl box and getting help on installation.

“As I drove into the visitors car park” says Chris “My attention was caught by a solitary Oak tree which appeared to offer the ideal position for the box. When I mentioned this to Sarah she said that the tree had indeed been identified as a prime location.

The site which borders a Conservation area, containing the Oak, is also surrounded by agricultural land, grass land from reclaimed spoil heaps and drains all of which provide excellent hunting opportunities, in fact as we walked to inspect the tree we saw a Kestrel quartering the fields”.

Advice was given on where to position the box and how to line it, the on-site maintenance team will be responsible for putting it up. Sarah will give Chris updates on the status of the box and he will also check it.

As the Monaghan Mushroom Group produce an ‘in-house’ magazine Sarah is hoping to include an article about the box and hopes it will encourage other sites to follow Whitley’s example

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