Mrs ‘H’ Returns to Sculthorpe Moor and The Tawny Eggs are Hatching

Mrs 'H' and mate
Mrs ‘H’ and mate over Sculthorpe Moor reserve

Mrs ‘H’, our long serving marsh harrier female, has returned for her ninth season on the reserve. She has been seen displaying with a male and appears to be gathering nest material. A great time to see amazing mid-air food passes.

On Thursday April 4th at 9.21pm the tawny owl in one of the boxes on the reserve showed a first glimps of three owlets tucked underneath her leaving one egg to hatch. Today the fourth egg shows sign of hatching but mum is sitting tight and it is difficultto see what is going on.

A bittern is being spotted regularly on the reserve; there have been two seen and apparently displaying. Fingers crossed, they may stay to breed this year.

Tawny chick hatching in our nest box at Sculthorpe Moor
Tawny chick hatching in our nest box at Sculthorpe Moor

After the long spell of easterly winds it will be lovely to have some warmer weather though this will mean that we have to say goodbye to the winter migrants that have been here in numbers We have played host to huge flocks of brambling this winter and there are still good numbers tobe seen. On the other hand we are looking forward to the summer visitors. The first chiff-chaff arrived two weeks ago and has recently been heard singing.

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