Marsh Harriers Strike Out Across Europe

Marsh Harrier Sightings News

Hawk and Owl Trust’s own Phil Littler with John Middleton (members of the North West Norfolk Ringing Group) writing in the BTO Bird Ringing Demog Blog say:

“On 5th February 2014, the first live British-ringed Marsh Harrier was sighted in Spain by Javier Elorriaga, along with Yeray Seminario, Juan Martin and Ramon Navarro. The wing-tagged male Marsh Harrier (BN – green pin on map below) was ringed as a nestling in North Norfolk on 3rd August 2013 by the North West Norfolk Ringing Group. This bird was seen at La Janda, near Cadiz, an area of flooded rice fields, which has a high concentration of Marsh Harriers in winter. It was then seen again on 8th February by Geoff Gowlett who sent us the photo below. BN was first seen by Alex Colorado on 9th December 2013 approximately four kilometres from the latest observations”.

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