HOT announces the three lucky winners of the Summer Raffle!

Congratulations to the three ladies below for owning the winning tickets in our summer raffle and thank you for supporting us!

1st Prize of £500 – Mrs Angie F of Bristol

2nd Prize of £200 – Miss Sheila P of Kent

3rd Prize of £100 – Mrs Valerie W of Wilts

The 1st and 3rd prize winners purchased their tickets online and the 2nd prize winner by paper ticket.

As most of you will know, we trialled an online version of the raffle this time to see if it would be successful – and it was! Online raffles are a lot less expensive to run than having lots of paper tickets printed and having to post them out to everyone.  This means that more of the money raised through this method of fundraising can be spent on birds of prey rather than printing and postage. We think you agree as many of you choose to buy your tickets online this time.

Based on the results of the summer raffle, we are going to run a completely online raffle for this Christmas and will launch the sign up page shortly.

Don’t worry if you do not like purchasing things online, we are more than happy to take payment over the telephone and put your numbers in the draw. Just call one of our team at Head Office and they will be delighted to provide you with raffle numbers this way. Call us on 0844 984 2824 or email

Good luck!



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