Homes for our Birds of Prey

It’s easy to get involved with the Hawk and Owl Trust by buying a box from us if you have habitat for one or by joining the ‘Adopt a Box’ scheme, where you can sponsor boxes, the volunteers from South West Peregrine recently got in touch with the volunteer carpenters at the Hawk and Owl Trust Reserve at Sculthorpe Moor, who sent a Kestrel Box (No.10480) down to Cornwall where it was fitted out with camera technology supplied by Handykam and installed in rural setting that offered a wide range of  suitable habitats to encourage a Kestrel to nest.

The team followed guidelines laid down in the excellent book ‘Boxes, Basket’s and Platforms’ which details siting of artificial nest sites for owls and other birds of prey (available from the Hawk and Owl Trust Online Shop)

The team invited along Luke Curno to film and narrate a short video to accompany the activities; hopefully to encourage other like minded groups and individuals to give it a go for themselves.

One Response to Homes for our Birds of Prey

  1. In a months time we will be voting in a referendum about whether hunting for the quail and the turtle dove in Spring should be retained or not. Unfortunately in Malta the main targets are birds of prey. Formerly the peregrine falcon the barn owl and the jackdaw used to breed in Malta but are now extinct.