Hawk and Owl Trust Urge All to Sign Raptor Persecution E-Petition

The Hawk and Owl Trust urge you to sign the attached e-petition.

Trapped in a pole trap set for birds of prey

Trapped in a pole trap set for birds of prey
Copyright Raptor Persecution Scotland

Through illegal persecution the beautiful hen harrier has been virtually wiped out as a breeding species in England – just one pair bred last year. Many other species, including golden eagles, red kites, sea eagles etc fall victim to the poisoning, shooting, trapping, egg destruction that routinely occurs. These actions are illegal but go on regardless. If the grouse moors owners cannot get their own house in order they must be forced to by law! Please Sign Here

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20 Responses to Hawk and Owl Trust Urge All to Sign Raptor Persecution E-Petition

  1. george randall says:

    this needs stopping now


    This barbaric act must stop, the killing of these beautiful birds are part of the nature of Britain. I know they kill songbirds but that is nature in its raw state.

  3. Lin Murray says:

    Thanks for your support Doreen – keep spreading the word! We’ll work as hard as we can to get it stopped.

  4. Barry Phillips says:

    Stop it now.

  5. Ann Phillips says:

    Stop this NOW

  6. ANDY THOMPSON says:


  7. David Rodger says:

    There is no excuse for the intentional killing of birds of prey.Tougher sentences for those who go out their road to commit cowardly acts against our birds of prey and all of natures creatures.

  8. All of us here at South West Peregrine fully support this petition and hope it helps to bring an end to this barbaric cruelty.

  9. Di Stagg says:

    This must end. It’s shocking – it makes you sick.

  10. Wendy Taylor says:

    It’s hard to come to terms with the amount of killing of a wide range of species in order to breed birds for ‘the shoot’…..and then there are those people who kill wild life for pleasure. In my part of the country I spotted 2 buzzards yesterday, this is such an unusual sighting for the North York Moors, a managed -for- grouse moor. I hope they are a pair and they manage to breed this season.

  11. Rich Harris says:

    Its the nature of ‘man’ they won’t be content until all these beautiful birds are wiped off the face of this Earth.

  12. Paul Hughes says:

    The desire to persecute animals is totally abhorent but is sadly a side of humans that never seems to diminish

  13. Steven Barrett says:

    High time that something should done about this – those that can should act now.

  14. Denise Peart says:

    Enforce legislation so that we can protect these beautiful creatures of our planet. Stricter penalties should be implemented in order to deter these evil acts.

  15. STACEY GORMAN says:

    Killing Birds of Prey so people can shoot other birds like pheasants for Sport or to make a Pie??? Doesn’t make sense. The birds have a place in our world and have a job to do. I have always wondered why the UK is full of Pigeons and Crows and this is why. You are taking a bird that belongs in the UK and making our skies very boring. I don’t want to travel abroad to see a bird that i should see here….they have a right to live and Humans are taking away that right. Winds me up !

  16. Stewart Harrison says:

    There should be long prison sentences for perpetrators of these crimes.

    If they are gamekeepers, their bosses should also be jailed, despite the fact they feel that they are above the law!


  17. Alan Chaplin says:

    I have lived in Norfolk for 28 years and have notice the decrease in most type of birds and local farmers are still shooting Sparrow Hawks etc and now we have mostly pigeons left.

  18. Christine Redhead says:

    It’s unnecessary now to shoot any bird or animal for eating. Food is readily available. So why, oh why, is shooting still allowed? It’s time it was banned. Shame it’s not possible to reverse roles, and have the birds shoot them!

  19. Simon Bolton says:

    The law is very lenient so until it changes these gamekeepers will continue in their evil practice of persecution of the Hen Harrier and other species. I live in the Cheshire Plains and get to see Buzzards, Kestrel and Peregrine but for how long for.

  20. Ann says:

    Buzzards are disappearing, a Kestrel has been found shot dead and a deer rescued from a snare trap (ultimately had to be put down). New gamekeeper on a well known estate in Norfolk. It makes my blood boil. Killing wild birds to protect birds reared to be shot – horrific!

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