Hawk and Owl Trust ‘Baling for Biodiversity’ Project Receives Award for Habitat Restoration

Neil Chadwick cutting and baling.
Neil Chadwick cutting and baling

The team from our Sculthorpe Moor Reserve, especially Neil Chadwick, Baling for Biodiversity Project Officer, are delighted to have been recognised for their habitat restoration work by the Norfolk Biodiversity Project.  This fledgling project is making great inroads on sites around Norfolk that have been crying out for attention.  Several of the sites are designated County Wildlife Sites which are in a declining condition in regards to conservation.

To improve the conservation value of selected sites, it is important to remove the cut material.  If the material is left to rot down on site, it enriches the soil which hampers the growth of a wide variety of wild flowers and plants, crucial for supporting a more diverse set of species which depend on this.

The Baling for Biodiversity machinery produce mini bales of hay which can in turn be used to feed livestock.

Local community groups are encouraged to get involved with sites close to them, helping improve the environments in which they live through their own hard work.

Well done Neil and team!



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