Update on ‘Sorrel’: September 2017

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It’s been a little quiet here on the updates recently, but ‘Sorrel’ our satellite-tagged female Hen Harrier is alive and well and her tag continues to transmit regular data. She remains in the same general location she has been in for the last few months and we are refraining from publishing details about where she is in order to ensure she is left undisturbed. If anything changes, for instance if she moves again as she has done several times in the past, we will report that here.

The tag was paid for by a very generous anonymous private donation and all the data that are transmitted are fed into the wider programme tracking Hen Harrier movements.

One Comment on “Update on ‘Sorrel’: September 2017”

  1. Thank you for update which I will relay to my young grandson,he has been asking for information for a few weeks. Fingers crossed that all keeps going well for sorrel and other harriers.

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