By satellite tagging two juvenile Hen Harriers the Hawk and Owl Trust, together with Natural England, are hoping to extend our knowledge of what happens to them once they leave the nests from which they have been fledged. Any knowledge gained may help us save The Hen Harrier in England which is in real danger of becoming extinct as a breeding bird.

As the two harriers, named Rowan (male) and Sorrel (female) to allow their progress to be individually reported, make their way across the UK and possibly wider afield, we will reflect their travels in regularly updated satellite ‘snapshot’ pages published under the ‘Track Our Birds’ main menu tab.

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This satellite snapshot shows the dispersal routes taken by Rowan and Sorrel in recent weeks from the areas where they fledged on the Scottish borders. It relates their routes to the nearby towns and the locations on which they were foraging recently. The distances shown are line of sight as measured on Google Earth, and not the distances flown which will be significantly greater.