Statement relating to the Hen Harrier Rowan

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The Hawk and Owl Trust has always, and will always continue, to base its statements on the facts and evidence available to it at the time of any publication.

 Recently, a hen harrier (Rowan), carrying a Hawk and Owl Trust satellite tag was found dead. The tag was paid for by a private donation to the Trust for the purpose of research.

 Natural England were responsible for fitting the tag, recovering the body, authorising and paying for the post-mortem of Rowan and releasing the results. All subsequent statements from the Hawk and Owl Trust were based solely on information provided to them by Natural England.

 The Trust will continue to contribute towards the six-point DEFRA plan, as in the absence of other feasible plans, we consider that this is in the best way at present to deliver breeding harriers back into England.

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2 Comments on “Statement relating to the Hen Harrier Rowan”

  1. Thank you H&OT for the information on Rowan. Very disappointing that the second bird has died, especially for all those involved in the project. Would be interesting to know the cause of death. Was a sad day when I read the news about Rowan such beautiful birds.

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