Sorrel’s chicks fledge successfully

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Hen Harrier Sorrel

The nest watch / protection volunteers in Sorrel’s area have confirmed that all three of her chicks have successfully fledged.  For the next few weeks the fledglings will continue to be tended to and catered for by Sorrel until they become self-sufficient.  Due to the abundance of voles this year, a primary food source for Hen Harriers, it appears that pre-fledging development has been accelerated and the chicks fledged earlier than was anticipated.  Whilst it is excellent news that three apparently healthy and well fed chicks have fledged, there is one minor element of disappointment insofar as the plans to sat-tag one of the chicks have been thwarted.  However, we can’t emphasise enough that this is only a very minor disappointment which mustn’t be seen to detract from this small but significant step in the overall recovery of the species.  We will continue to monitor Sorrel’s progress and report via this news page as and when it is considered appropriate.

The Hen Harrier Monitoring Team.

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