Hen Harrier ‘Sorrel’ Returns Home

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Sorrel’s flirtation with the Scottish Highland region was short lived. During June she turned her head south and, almost a year to the day from the date in 2016 when she fledged, she was recorded as overflying her ‘home’ nest site.  She is currently re-acquainting herself with the Scottish Borders region and, we are reliably informed by representatives on the ground, has attracted the attentions of a particularly striking looking male Hen Harrier. We are 100% confident that it is the same male that is consistently shadowing Sorrel as, intriguingly, he is also one of the satellite tagged birds, albeit from a different nest. This latest move on the part of Sorrel, apparently exhibiting natal homing behaviour [philopatry – the innate process by which some adult animals return to their birthplace to reproduce], is contributing to the information informing the PhD studies currently being undertaken by one of our key advisors. So, not only is Sorrel keeping the monitoring team on its toes, she’s adding to our knowledge of the species’ behaviour into the bargain.

The Hen Harrier Monitoring Team.

2 Comments on “Hen Harrier ‘Sorrel’ Returns Home”

  1. Thanks for the update on Sorrel it’s great to hear that all is well and hope that it stays way. It’s always interesting to read the updates of her wandering activities ,perhaps she and the male will bond and hopefully stay in the area.

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