Hen Harrier Sorrel – the latest news

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We have continued to follow Sorrel and monitor her behaviour closely through the analysis of data provided by her satellite tag, and by employing specialists on the ground in her area.  The informed opinion is that Sorrel has established a “breeding home range” and has spent some weeks exploring her territorial boundaries.  Sorrel is now in her second year, and there is strong evidence that female Hen Harriers of this age can be “first year breeding birds”, and can breed well.  Sorrel’s current behaviour is indicative of a breeding bird, but only time will tell.

The Hen Harrier Monitoring Team.

3 Comments on “Hen Harrier Sorrel – the latest news”

  1. Thanks for keeping this site up to date. And thank you for your work to reestablish a beautiful native bird. It seems incredibly unfair to me that the tiny minority of people who gain pleasure from shooting grouse feel they have the right to steal from the rest of us the enjoyment of living in a diverse natural world.

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