Hen Harrier Sorrel Heads Home

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While Sorrel was overwintering in south west Scotland, within the Team we were debating whether or not she would head off to the Scottish Highland Region as she did in 2017, after which she treated us to an exhibition of real time natal homing [philopatry] behaviour, the innate process by which some adult animals return to their birthplace to reproduce.  However, the latest data we have available indicate that Sorrel has “gone natal” and is currently within a few kilometres of the nest site from which she fledged in 2016.  We currently have no information on whether or not she has male company, but the boots on the ground are on the case and we will continue to provide updates on her status and progress.  In keeping with the Trust’s policy, we will refrain from publishing detailed information of Sorrel’s location to help ensure that she remains undisturbed.

The Hen Harrier Monitoring Team.

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