Sorrel’s latest update

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Since breeding in the Scottish Highland Region and successfully fledging her brood, Sorrel has been one very busy harrier.  Initially she flew south to within 50 metres of the nest site from which she herself fledged, before heading off to spend a number of weeks … Read More

Sorrel’s chicks fledge successfully

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Hen Harrier Sorrel The nest watch / protection volunteers in Sorrel’s area have confirmed that all three of her chicks have successfully fledged.  For the next few weeks the fledglings will continue to be tended to and catered for by Sorrel until they become self-sufficient.  … Read More

Chicks for Sorrel

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We are very happy to confirm that our previous report to the effect that Sorrel had paired up and was breeding was correct. She laid four eggs, successfully hatched three, and is currently caring for three healthy eyasses. We are in contact with nest watch/protection … Read More

Good news for Sorrel

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Hen Harrier Sorrel We have continued to follow Sorrel’s journey around the country, and now have reason to believe that she has paired up and is breeding.  While we continue to investigate her situation we trust it will be appreciated and understood that in order … Read More

Hen Harrier Sorrel

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So, the “would she won’t she?” question with respect to Sorrel heading to the Scottish Highland Region as she did in 2017 has been answered.  After a lengthy period of north/south wandering in the Borders Region, in the 48 hour battery charging period between two … Read More

Latest update on Sorrel

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We are happy to report that Sorrel has weathered the recent storms, and all indications from the satellite data are that she is alive and active. During the stormy weather she relocated by some 80km downwind, but has moved back progressively to the area over … Read More

Update on ‘Sorrel’: September 2017

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It’s been a little quiet here on the updates recently, but ‘Sorrel’ our satellite-tagged female Hen Harrier is alive and well and her tag continues to transmit regular data. She remains in the same general location she has been in for the last few months … Read More

Hen Harrier ‘Sorrel’ Returns Home

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Sorrel’s flirtation with the Scottish Highland region was short lived. During June she turned her head south and, almost a year to the day from the date in 2016 when she fledged, she was recorded as overflying her ‘home’ nest site.  She is currently re-acquainting … Read More

Hen Harrier Sorrel – the latest news

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We have continued to follow Sorrel and monitor her behaviour closely through the analysis of data provided by her satellite tag, and by employing specialists on the ground in her area.  The informed opinion is that Sorrel has established a “breeding home range” and has … Read More