Hen Harrier Sorrel Heads Home

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While Sorrel was overwintering in south west Scotland, within the Team we were debating whether or not she would head off to the Scottish Highland Region as she did in 2017, after which she treated us to an exhibition of real time natal homing [philopatry] … Read More

Sorrel May 2017 Update

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Hen Harrier Sorrel is on the move While Sorrel was overwintering in south west Scotland, within the Team we were debating whether or not she would exhibit natal homing [philopatry] behaviour, the innate process by which some adult animals return to their birthplace to reproduce.  … Read More

Statement relating to the Hen Harrier Rowan

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The Hawk and Owl Trust has always, and will always continue, to base its statements on the facts and evidence available to it at the time of any publication.  Recently, a hen harrier (Rowan), carrying a Hawk and Owl Trust satellite tag was found dead. … Read More

March 2017 Update

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Hen Harrier Sorrel and Storm Doris  From analysis of the satellite data we can confirm that Sorrel has survived Storm Doris; it looks as if she may have sheltered in woodland.  The location and motion sensor data show that she has been very active now … Read More

February 2017 Update – Hawk & Owl Trust

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The Hawk and Owl Trust abhors the illegal persecution of Hen Harriers and all raptors.  We are working hard with the relevant stakeholders to put in place a workable solution that ensures that the killing of Hen Harriers is ended. The Hawk and Owl Trust … Read More

Hen Harrier Update 30th January 2017

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“We were beginning to have concerns that Sorrel, having survived the December storms, was less than 100% health-wise; the life signs on her tag sensor data appeared normal but she was not moving outside of a 1km square. However, in the past couple of weeks … Read More

Sorrel Update 31st December 2016

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Sorrel has survived storms Angus, Barbara and Conor, listed on the Met Office Storm Centre website to have hit her area between 20 Nov and 26 Dec 2016.  The data we are receiving from her satellite tag is showing that she remains active, that she … Read More

Sorrel Update 2nd December 2016

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We are happy to announce that Sorrel, the remaining HOT satellite tagged Hen Harrier, has weathered the recent storms, and from analysis of her tag sensor data, remains active.  However, she had us worried for some time.  The normal recharging period for the satellite tag … Read More