Shropshire Peregrine Group

The group was formally established in 1997 to:

  • monitor the breeding activities of peregrine falcons in Shropshire
  • submit records to the British Trust for Ornithology (BTO) and the county bird recorder and participate in national and local surveys.
  • provide protection, where possible, with other agencies at vulnerable nest sites.
  • liaise with other wildlife groups with similar aims

The group is licensed by the BTO and Natural England under the Wildlife & Countryside Act to “observe and examine nests for the purpose and science and education” and to “take and possess addled/deserted eggs”.

In practice the licence is granted annually to the group co-ordinator, who then appoints accredited agents, (wardens), in respect of each nest site. A report on the work carried out under the licence is sent to the BTO each year at the end of the breeding season.

In addition to the licence report, a nest record card in respect of each nest site where breeding is attempted is completed and sent to the BTO. In recent years the records amounted approximately 20 per cent of the total number of records submitted to the BTO, a significant proportion of the data collected on this rare breeding falcon. The group liaises closely with RSPB/Investigation Unit in respect of incidents involving peregrines and other birds of prey. Data from ringing young peregrines is obtained by licensed members of the group and submitted to the BTO.

Regular Meetings
Members of the group meet twice a year, in March in advance of the breeding season, and again in September to review events and prepare written data for the BTO and Natural England.

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Main Contacts
Co-ordinator: John Turner
Tel: 01743 821678 
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