Conservation at Fylingdales

What We Do at Fylingdales Moor

Jugger Beck Nature Trail work party
Jugger Beck Nature Trail work party

The Hawk and Owl Trust aims to create a nationally important moorland conservation area devoted to:

  • enhancing wildlife
  • preserving archaeological remains
  • demonstrating the environmental benefit and sustainability of traditional moorland management techniques – especially when these are closely linked with coordinated conservation action.

Understanding Birds of Prey Conservation

Video of Dr John Edwards explaining the issues

Dr. John Edwards of the Hawk and Owl Trust gave a 30 minute presentation Raptor conservation: a biologist’s perspective at the Northern England Raptor Forum Conference on 20 November 2010.

Here is an abridged version. Whilst a 7 minute YouTube clip can only scrape the surface of this subject, hopefully it will open up channels for discussion and enlighten those for whom the term predator is synonymous with that out-dated Victorian term – vermin.