Four Egg Clutch for Peregrines

High Hopes for April Hatchlings on Norwich Cathedral Spire

4 Egg PeregrineThe peregrine falcons using the nesting platform installed by the Hawk and Owl Trust on the spire of Norwich Cathedral have now laid a clutch of four eggs.

The first egg was laid on 22 March, the second on 24 March, the third on the 27 March and the fourth on Friday 30 March. The female did not start to incubate the eggs fully until after the third egg had been laid so the eggs should all hatch at about the same time.

The female will do the majority of the incubating while the male hunts for both of them, he will also take over incubation from the female from time to time to allow her to feed. Incubation takes between 29 and 32 days so the eggs should hatch at the end of April.

Leanne Thomas, Education Manager for the Hawk and Owl Trust said,

“We are delighted that the peregrines have laid a full clutch of eggs this year. We are all keeping our fingers crossed that the eggs will hatch successfully at the end of this month.”

The evolving story can be viewed via webcam here and also on the Norwich Cathedral website.

The Hawk and Owl Trust is running a watch point at the Cathedral where the public can view the birds through telescopes. The watchpoint is running daily during the Easter holidays, 10am until 5 pm until Sunday 15th April and then at weekends. For access details click here.

The Cathedral Peregrines project has been generously supported by Archant, ContiTech UK, iCode Systems, Lady Hind Trust, LVS-Imas Ltd, M and A Partners, Opticron, SIMM Conveyor Services Ltd, Syngenta Ltd, WildSounds, WiSpire by FreeClix and in memory of the late Mr. Ray Rogers of Norwich.

This is a clip of the falcon laying the first egg.

This is a clip of the first visit by the male after the egg was laid.

There was close consultation with the Cathedral’s estates manager and architect to ensure the fabric of this historic building was not damaged.

If you have enjoyed watching the peregrines and would like to help continue conservation work for birds of prey please make a donation now.

To find out how the project got under way click here

For more information about the Cathedral click here
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Please Note | If you are planning to visit the Cathedral there is no parking at the Cathedral itself. The nearest public car park is Bishopgate or try the airport park and ride.

This project is being supported by: ArchantContiTech UKiCode Systems, Lady Hind Trust, LVAS-Imas Ltd, M A Partners,OpticronSIMM Conveyor Services LtdSyngenta, WildSoundsWiSpire by FreeClix, Cley SpyHawke OpticsViking Optical Ltd, Swallowtail Print, and in memory of the late Mr Ray Rogers of Norwich.

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