Flooding at Sculthorpe Moor Reserve

Sculthorpe Moor reserve re-opened on Monday 9 April. Talks are ongoing with environment Agency and other involved parties.

FLOODING UPDATE: According to the Environment Agency website there is no flooding west of Fakenham (flooding: orange area on map). Here at Sculthorpe Moor (‘X’ on map) we beg to differ (photos taken today, 4th April 2018).

This flooding should not happen on the reserve, but recent changes (‘improvements’!) to the River Wensum outside the reserve mean that it now regularly overtops its banks and floods into the reserve, overwhelming the ditch/drainage system in place, a situation that did not happen before the changes to the river were made.

This is becoming a major issue for Hawk and Owl Trust. Bad luck means this has happened twice during busy holiday periods, leading to us having to close at some of our most popular times. Not only has this led to significant loss of income for the charity and reserve, but also floods the area with silt and nutrients from the river that negatively impact many of the plants and animals that we protect.

We are deeply concerned by this situation, both financial and ecological. By sharing these images we are hoping that the organisations involved with drainage and river management in the area will see that there is a big problem.


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