Early eggs for Bath Peregrines

Although first egg laying date varies a little from year to year, everyone has been taken by complete surprise as the female Peregrine which nests on the platform on St John’s Roman Catholic Church in Bath laid her first egg of the season at 6.33am on 7 March 2019, a full 10 days earlier than normal! A second egg was laid some 50 hours later, the usual gap for this female, so the first egg was not an ‘accident’.

Here is some footage from the web camera showing the birds changing over incubation duties, as we await the arrival of the third egg.

With two eggs now having been laid, incubation is being shared equally throughout the day, but overnight the falcon takes charge. This changeover from tiercel (male) to falcon (female) is the lengthiest observed this year as he normally leaves the nest as soon as he sees her heading in. Something is clearly concerning the falcon [possibly the Peregrine intruder is still around] and an amount of her Peregrine ranting is drowned out by the wind, but when she returns to the nest she’s a lot more calm although remaining vigilant.

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