Press Releases

Dramatic Return for ‘DP’

DP Invasion | Press Release 09.04.14

Bath Peregrines

Fourth Egg for Bath | Press Release 08.04.14

Bath Peregrines

First Egg for Bath | Press Release 02.04.14

Urban Peregrine Projects Update

March Update | Press Release 17.03.14

Norwich Cathedral Peregrines

Update 03 | Press Release 28.02.14

Norwich Cathedral Peregrines

Watch Point Volunteers Wanted | Press Release 11.02.14

Nature Check

Hawk and Owl Trust Joins Environmental Colleagues in Call for Government to Fulfil its Natural Environment Commitments: Prime Minister Must Do More ‘ | Press Release 19.11.13

Ash Die Back Friendly Native

Rarely seen, benign cousin of the Ash Die Back fungus has been found on a North Norfolk nature reserve ‘ | Press Release 06.11.13

Somerset Barn Owl Project

Background on the collapse in barn owl numbers over the last couple of years ‘ | Press Release 24.10.13

The Burning of Brow Moor

10th Anniversary of the ‘Great Fire‘ | Press Release 14.09.13

Meet the Experts!

Sculthorpe Moor Community Nature Reserve ‘Big Birthday BioBlitz’ | Press Release 13.09.13

Norwich Cathedral Peregrines 2013 Update

First Chick Fledges the Nest! | Press Release 07.06.13

Bath Chicks Ringed By Hawk and Owl Trust Experts

Bath Peregrines Receive Their Rings | Press Release 04.06.13

Norwich Cathedral Peregrine Chicks Prepare for Flight!

Day 35 – Preparation for flight | Press Release 04.06.13

Norwich Cathedral Peregrine Chicks Prepare for Flight!

Day 35 – Preparation for flight | Press Release 04.06.13

Norwich Cathedral Peregrines Hatch Fourth and Final Chick

Fourth chick hatches | Press Release 03.05.13

Bath Peregrines Lay Four Eggs

Bath Peregrines lay four eggs | Press Release 14.04.13

Norwich Cathedral Peregrine Falcons update: Two chicks hatch over night!

First chicks of 2013 season hatch | Press Release 01.04.13

Despite Snow and Howling Winds Norwich Cathedral Peregrines Lay Second Egg

Norwich peregrines 2013 – 2nd Egg Press Release 25.03.13

Peregrines lay first egg of 2013 on Norwich Cathedral spire nesting platform

1st Egg laid | Press Release 21.03.13

Download Screenshot from Cathedral Spire Web Cam

Hawk and Owl Trust Resigns from Environment Council’s Hen Harrier Dialogue Process

Hawk and Owl President Chris Packham calls for firm stand against persecution of birds of prey

HOT Resigns | Press Release 13.03.13

Death of Bowland Beth

Police prove that rare bird of prey bled to death after illegal shooting

Bowland Beth, a first year female Hen harrier has been shot and recovered from a Yorkshire grouse moor…

Death of Bowland Beth | Press Release 06.11.12