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European Vultures could soon be affected by Diclofenac

Catherine Bearder MEP is campaigning against the use of the anti inflammatory drug Diclofenac by the EU across Spain and Italy, due to it’s devastating effects on vultures and eagles, causing them to die painful deaths when they eat the carcasses of dead cattle, for which the drug is used for. The effects of the drug have been seen in Asia, with 97% of their vultures killed in just over 10 years.  Despite knowing the destruction caused in Asia, in March 2013 the EU, against the advice of their own scientists the EMA, bizarrely took the decision to license the drug for use in Spain and Italy. This is despite the fact that a vulture friendly alternative drug exists, Meloxicam.  Spain holds 85% of all European vultures. This will potentially cause the same destruction of our vulture population as it caused in Asia, so the need is urgent to protect these magnificent species.

500 signatures are needed to start a debate in the EU Parliament and the petition currently has just over 100, please click on the link below to add your voice to this important campaign to protect our European vultures. Thank You!

To add your name to the Petition please Click Here

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Hawk and Owl Trust’s Wildlife Crime Workshops on 28 and 29 September 2015

Are you a bird watcher or someone who spends time in the countryside and are against raptor persecution? The one day Wildlife Crime Workshops, to be held at Sculthorpe Moor Nature Reserve on Monday 28 and Tuesday 29 September 2015 are for you. This is the place to learn how to recognise, record and report… Continue Reading

The Hawk and Owl Trust ‘completely and utterly’ condemns the illegal killing of Hen Harriers

In a Press Release issued today it was the unanimous opinion of the Trustees of the Hawk and Owl Trust on the illegal killing of Hen Harrier was set out by the Chairman some time ago on social media: “Regarding the tragic event of the recent loss of three male Hen Harriers at Bowland; if… Continue Reading

The Hawk and Owl Trust Position in the Hen Harrier Debate

In response to various blog posts and resulting comments on the Mark Avery Blog site Philip Merricks, Chairman Hawk and Owl Trust 20 Jan 2015 ‘You will be aware that the RSPB formally announced last year that, although they supported a Hen Harrier brood management scheme in principle, they would not support it in practice… Continue Reading

Hawk and Owl Trust Urge All to Sign Raptor Persecution E-Petition

The Hawk and Owl Trust urge you to sign the attached e-petition. Through illegal persecution the beautiful hen harrier has been virtually wiped out as a breeding species in England – just one pair bred last year. Many other species, including golden eagles, red kites, sea eagles etc fall victim to the poisoning, shooting, trapping,… Continue Reading