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Hawk and Owl Trust Visit Norwich Schools to Teach Children about the Norwich Cathedral Peregrines

The Hawk and Owl Trust are delighted to announce the exciting new development of an educational Peregrine Outreach Programme to teach school children in local primary schools throughout Norwich about the Norwich Cathedral Peregrines.  This project has been made possible by generous funding from the Norwich Town Close Estate Charity.  

Norwich Cathedral is a world renowned heritage site with the second tallest stone spire in the UK.  Because of this it acts like a natural sea cliff environment attractive to Peregrine Falcons, in a region of the country where we have few natural stone cliffs.  Back in 2011 the Hawk and Owl Trust worked side by side with the Norwich Cathedral Estate to install a nest box on the side of the spire, which has since proved to be very successful in providing the perfect breeding site for urban Peregrines.

Working together with Norwich Cathedral and South West Peregrines, the Hawk and Owl Trust can deliver an engaging hour long session that brings the National Curriculum to life to enrich pupils’ learning.  We have developed it at a Key Stage 2 level for educating children of the age between 7-11 years old.  It will consist of an interactive PowerPoint presentation (running on a Windows 8 software setup or higher, please speak to us directly about your IT requirements) where pupils will be able to engage by asking questions and taking part in a quiz.  This will be mixed with photos and videos charting the development of young peregrines from birth to fledging in both natural and urban settings.  Throughout the presentation interactive educational activities for all pupils will be provided, to enable learning about other birds of prey as well as the Peregrines.

If you are interested in booking a place, then we are now taking bookings for February 2016 onwards, we have already visited three schools so far this year (please see the positive feedback below) since developing the project back in the autumn of 2015.  The project is funded by the Norwich Town Close Estate so there will be no cost to your school, however donations are always welcome.  This programme will then run through to the end of the June 2016, tracking the Peregrines natural breeding season.

Through our outreach programme, schools can be assured of a first-rate learning experience for their pupils.  If you are interested in a visit to your school, then please do get in touch with us to book a session at the details below, we look forward to hearing from you.

Peregrine Outreach Project Officer: Martin Lippiatt

Please contact Martin by either calling 01328 850590 or email him by Clicking Here, Thank you


Feedback From Previous Visits

Lionwood Junior School, Norwich (Jayne Oxbury) – “All children enjoyed the activities especially having the quiz run alongside the presentation, it kept them focused and engaged.  Having a good variety of activities worked well too, allowing them to work in groups, pairs and got up to move about.” and also “It was a pleasure to have you teach our Year 3’s and we look forward to your next visit to teach our Year 6’s.”

Forncett Primary School, Norfolk (Sharon Creasey) gave some very positive feedback in these four quotes – “I feel the children were completely engaged for what turned out to be nearer to an hour and a half.  The quiz was a really good way of keeping them focussed on the power point presentation.  They really liked looking at the video clips and the web cam!”, “They really liked knowing which bird their arm span matched up to, which prompted some data handling work and further discussion during subsequent maths lessons.”, “It was well managed.  At no point did I or the children feel rushed.  They liked the opportunity to ask questions at any point, ensuring they felt a valued part of the presentation.” and “I liked the variety of video clips, live webcam of the falcons and the mix of facts and activities.  Thank you for a very informative and useful morning, which I know which continue during the year, as we keep an eye on the Norwich falcons!”.

Also the children of Forncett Primary wrote a lovely review of the lesson that appeared in the school newsletter.  This is with thanks to Henry Ames and Ryan Service.  – “An interesting man, who was called Martin, came into our class to talk to us about peregrine falcons.  He was from the Hawk and Owl Trust.  He taught us some amazing facts – a peregrine falcon can reach 0-60 in under 1 second!  They can also dive at 240mph! Also, a female peregrine falcon is double the weight of the male!  This is my favourite fact:  peregrine falcon chicks are ready to fledge the nest in just 40 days!

Before Martin came in, I didn’t even know there were peregrine falcons nesting on Norwich Cathedral, and now I know about the live webcam that is there.  The peregrines natural habitats are: cliffs, quarries and gorges, so the reason they are nesting on the cathedral is because they can’t tell the difference between a cliff and a stone spire!  When the Hawk and Owl trust noticed some peregrines flying around the cathedral, they put a nest box on the spire in 2011 – they have nested there ever since.  Our class was really lucky with the live webcam on St John’s Cathedral in Bath (another one of their sites) as there was an actual peregrine falcon in the nest box – and that was definitely a wow moment for me!  I really appreciated Martin coming in and showing us his power point.  After today I will be watching the webcam on both Norwich Cathedral and St John’s Cathedral in Bath.”


Martin Lippiatt teaching at Forncett Primary School
Martin Lippiatt teaching at Forncett Primary School
School children working together in teams at Forncett Primary School
School children working together in teams at Forncett Primary School



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