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Ringing of Peregrine chicks at Norwich Cathedral, 2018. DECISION

Between 3 and 5 May this year, the pair of Peregrines that nest on the Hawk and Owl Trust Norwich Cathedral nesting platform hatched three chicks, from three eggs, having already lost one egg in an earlier accident.

Normally we would access the nest after a couple of weeks and ring each chick, placing a small uniquely numbered metal ring on its leg, under licence, which will enable the bird to be individually identified should it be seen or found again in future.

The Peregrines are wild birds and, perhaps not surprisingly, each individual has different personality characteristics. Anyone who has been following the Norwich Peregrines will know that the female (a bird known as ‘GA’ after the letters on her colour-ring, placed on her leg as a chick herself in Bath in 2013) is a relatively inexperienced bird, who is also large, clumsy and inclined to react strongly to situations and has already suffered two punctured eggs from her own claws, and the tragic loss of a chick last year after she caught it in her talons when spooked off the nest.

The process of ringing the chicks does not endanger them, but accessing the nest site from the spire is not straightforward. With, we believe, the benefit to science outweighed by the risk of danger to the chicks this year, therefore, the decision has been taken that we will NOT be ringing the chicks.

Peregrine nest boxes and depth of gravel

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Norwich Cathedral Peregrines Update – With Sadness we are Reporting Chick 41 has Died

Unfortunately, it is with great sadness that we are announcing one of the chicks that was taken into rehabilitation care back in June, has sadly died. At the International Bird of Prey Centre, where the chicks were being kept, cared for and were being prepared for their return to Norfolk, Chick 41 was found sadly… Continue Reading