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North Somerset and Bristol Group spread the word at the North Somerset Countryside Day

Teaching school children about barn owls and other birds of prey

Teaching school children about barn owls and other birds of prey

The North Somerset and Bristol Group attended the North Somerset Countryside Day on 10th July, organised by the North Somerset Agricultural Society.

Approximately 2,300 enthusiastic and excited school children attended this event which is aimed at raising awareness of what goes on in the countryside, and more particularly, how their food is produced.  Each group was escorted round the activities by volunteer stewards, many of whom had farming connections themselves.  The activities meeting farm animals, working farm machinery, and learning about different processes such as milling and butter making. Other activities included traditional crafts, bee keeping, horse racing, ferrets, forestry and of course,  conservation organisations such as the Hawk and Owl Trust.  So much to see and do!

Chris Sperring our conservation officer for the South West brought his owl along and spoke to the children about the importance of habitat and nesting boxes.

In all, an exhausting but rewarding day.

World expert on birds of prey comes to Norfolk

Building Nests in Case of Flying Visitors!

Children at St Cuthbert’s Junior School were busy preparing for the nesting season with the help of Roger Moses from the Hawk and Owl Trust. He showed the pupils photos of various bird species they could see on the Somerset Levels where the Hawk and Owl Trust have a reserve. Roger also explained how toContinue Reading

Barns Owls Fly in for a School Visit

On Friday 15 February, Millie and Bundi, two Barn owls from Parrot and Seal animal displays and their handlers, Lauren Smith and Josephine Schneider, visited the Infants and aptly named Little Owls Pre-School at Bramcote Junior School. The owls were a little ‘fidgety’ as they really wanted to be flying around! Unlike real barn owlsContinue Reading