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First egg of 2015 is laid by the Norwich Cathedral Urban Peregrines

The egg arrived at 0617 yesterday morning (19 March 2015). All is well, and historically the next egg is due in two days later.

The first fleeting glimpse of this year’s egg(s) was timed at 6.17am on Thursday 19 March 2015.

The parent birds will wait until all eggs are laid before they will start to incubate the clutch fully. They keep the first eggs warm and viable.

Once the entire clutch is laid they will incubate properly. This ensures that the chicks hatch roughly at the same time ensuring relatively even development.

We will be opening the Watch Point in the Cathedral Close on Friday 27 March.

Last year we welcomed 32,500 visits to the Watch Point – this year we are anticipating 40,000+.

Local broadcaster Mustard TV was first to the story: Click Here

The Peregrines have chosen a very chilly and windy day to produce their first egg! All of us at the Cathedral look forward to the next few weeks and hope that, as last year, several chicks will be successfully hatched.

We look forward to seeing the many people who come to watch them from the Close as we know this brings a great deal of pleasure to people of all ages. We hope that all those who come to enjoy watching the birds will also take the opportunity to come into our magnificent Cathedral and enjoy the Cloister, the Refectory, the Shop and beautiful surroundings within the Cathedral Close.The Very Reverend Jane Hodges, Dean of Norwich

The minute the first egg is laid each year at the Norwich Cathedral Peregrine Nest Platform, a huge team of people swing into action to get the Norwich Peregrine show back on the road.

Millions of people from Norwich, Norfolk, England and worldwide have taken these wonderful birds to their hearts and will be following the trials and tribulations via our live webcam on our website, through our Facebook page or by a visit in person to the Watch Point at the Cathedral.

This year the Watch Point opens on March 27. You will also notice that, thanks to incredibly generous donations from our East Anglian based sponsors, Viking Optical we have new cameras which are providing even better pictures than last year.Hawk and Owl Press Officer Lin Murray

Is love in the air at our St John’s Church Peregrine Nest Platform in Bath?

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Major Webcam Updates for 2015 Season

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New Season Breeding Activity at Our Bath Urban Peregrine Project Site

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New Cameras Launched for Norwich Peregrines

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New South West Community Owls Project Prepares for Launch!

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