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Bath Peregrine Lives Up To Her Name

GA Just after fledging in Bath (photo by Hamish Smith)
GA Just after fledging in Bath (photo by Hamish Smith)

Peregrine falcons have been seen in Bath since around the year 2000, and in 2005 the conservation charity, Hawk and Owl Trust, were kindly given permission to install a nest box on St Johns Roman Catholic Church, Bath. Peregrines have been successfully breeding there since 2006, and in early April this year the pair produced 4 eggs which they have been busy incubating since. The falcon (female) has done about 80% of the incubation with the tiercel (male) taking over for short periods. The eggs are expected to start hatching around 1-3 May. The incubation and hatching can all be viewed via the Hawk and Owl Trust website at links can also be found there to the Norwich Peregrine webcam there too.

But have you ever wondered what happens to the chicks once they fledge? All the chicks that hatch at the St Johns Church, Bath site. And the nest platform at the trusts sister site on Norwich Cathedral are ringed by BTO registered ringers. Often the chicks are driven from the area before the start of the following breeding season, and we rarely see them again as they disperse. So imagine our surprise when a female falcon ‘GA’ (BTO ring number) that hatched at Bath St Johns Church on 8 May 2013 was spotted last week above the nest platform on Norwich Cathedral. The name ‘Peregrine Falcon’ literally means ‘Wandering Falcon’ so GA has certainly lived up to her name by wandering the 178 miles, although it is unlikely she did it ‘as the crow flies!’.

Is love in the air at our St John’s Church Peregrine Nest Platform in Bath?

The following video clip highlights the shenanigans between the falcon and the tiercel at St John’s Church in Bath during a large number of visits to the nest box.  They’ve been indulging in courtship behaviour, but will this pair ever get it together this year or continue to fight over food?!Continue Reading

Major Webcam Updates for 2015 Season

The Hawk and Owl trust has today launched its new webcam service for 2015. Much behind-the-scenes work has been undertaken by our Tech Partners ( and our Volunteers over the winter ‘off-season’ to comprehensively upgrade the webcam streaming feed and the stills camera feed from the nest box on the spire of Norwich Cathedral. We…Continue Reading

New Season Breeding Activity at Our Bath Urban Peregrine Project Site

The #bathperegrines have started off the 2015 breeding season with some early courtship rituals. We’ve been observing their behaviour on and around the church from ground level and on the Bath UPP camera since early in January. Now is a good time to make your way down to South Parade or the riverside walk as…Continue Reading

Peregrine Chicks Due to Hatch Soon at St John’s Church Bath

The peregrine pair using the Hawk and Owl Trust nest platform at St John’s Church in Bath have been carefully brooding their eggs for the last few weeks. We are now getting to the time for the chicks to hatch and are predicting the first egg to hatch somewhere between 4 – 9 May. Here…Continue Reading

Electrician needed to help install peregrine nest camera on St John’s Church, Bath

Bath Urban Peregrine Project – Electrician/network cabling engineer urgently needed As part of the preparation for the 2014 breeding season, the Bath & West Wiltshire Group of The Hawk and Owl Trust are hoping to update the camera installation in the peregrine nest box on St John’s Church, in central Bath. It’s hoped that an…Continue Reading

BBC Visit Bath Peregrine Project

BBC news programme ‘Points South West’ dropped by St John’s Church in Bath on Monday to speak to Hawk and Owl Trustee Mike Rogers and Peregrine Project team member Hamish Smith. The peregrine pair that have taken up residence in the nesting platform provided by the Hawk and Owl Trust have continued their successful run…Continue Reading