Call for Chinese Lantern Ban

Party Treat Threatens Wildlife

The Trust is backing a call for a ban on Chinese (or ‘sky’) lanterns because of the threats they pose to wildlife and livestock. It is encouraging supporters to sign a petition to the government on the RSPCA’s website.

Gloucestershire farmer Simon Pain took this photograph of a barn owl he found dead after it had become trapped in a lantern.

Over 200,000 lanterns, usually made of a paper-covered wire or bamboo frame and an open flame heat source, are sold in the UK for celebrations each year. Once in the air, they can float for miles before falling down to earth.

The RSPCA points out lanterns can cause suffering, and even death, to animals through ingestion, entanglement or entrapment. There is also the risk of lit lanterns falling to the ground and setting fire to habitat.

To sign the petition and find out more about what you can do and alternatives to the lanterns go to

Photo: © Simon Pain

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