Bumblebee Conservation Trust Lend Their Support to Shapwick Moor

Trustee Phil Holms spreading seed at Shapwick Moor

The recently established margins will provide valuable areas for bumblebees (including the nationally scarce Shrill Carder bee which was recorded in the area for the first time in a decade in a field on the border of our reserve last year)to forage and locate nectar sources together with providing cover for small mammals to feed our resident owls and kestrels.  The margins will be cut on a two year cycle to ensure that in winter time there is a good area of cover for small mammals to thrive.

Phil Holms (Trustee) with Alison Fox (Volunteer)

To ensure maximum germination of our precious seeds, the seed bed was prepared by local; contractor  John Porter early in the morning, the seeds were then spread by trustee HOT Phil Holms and other staff & volunteers later in the  day. 

The area was then rolled by Mr Porter on the same evening. We now have to wait to see the results later in the summer!

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