Beer Sales Boost Trust

Barn Owl Ale Sold Through Tesco

A specialist brewery has pledged 1p to the Hawk and Owl Trust for every bottle of its Barn Owl Ale sold through Tesco supermarkets in the Southwest.

Cotleigh Brewery, based in Wiveliscombe, Somerset has been a supporter of the Trust since the early 1990s. Most of its beers are named after birds of prey and owls. Trust conservation officer Chris Sperring accompanied Cotleigh Brewery’s promotional tour of Tesco stores across the region.

“Visiting Tesco supermarkets has been a really interesting way of meeting new people, whilst promoting both the Hawk and Owl Trust and Cotleigh Brewery. The idea was so unusual that it has created a lot of interest for the Trust, and we have gained several new contacts and members,” he said.

As well as promoting the Trust through information on beer mats and collecting tins in pubs, Cotleigh has also promised to brew commemorative ‘Long-eared Owl Ale’ to mark the first year of the Trust’s Long-eared Owl community projects on the Quantock and Mendip Hills.

This will generate public awareness about this scarce bird, and the ale will be served at the volunteer party to mark the end of the first year.

“Volunteers are so vital to our work, so it is really nice when we can say ‘thank you’ for all their efforts,” said Chris.

Find out more about bird of prey and owl beers from the Cotleigh Brewery website:

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