Bath Peregrines. Three chicks

As has become usual with the Bath Peregrine platform pair, four eggs were laid, and four hatched. Sadly on the morning of 5th May the smallest chick died.

The chick was alive and apparently well at 05:15, but it looks like the adult female may have accidentally ‘spiked’ it with a talon as she turned to take food from the tiercel when he brought it to the box. The chick fed on that occasion, but was dead pretty soon after. This is unfortunate but not uncommon.

The falcon spent a considerable amount of time apparently attempting to get the chick to stand up, but in the end she gave in and carried it to the back of the box and fed it to the other three; some people may find this fact  distressing, but the birds do not waste an opportunity and it helps to keep the nest clean and hygienic.

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