The ‘Bath One’ is Ringed and Unhatched Eggs Taken For Analysis

HG displaying her BTO ring and her blue Ed Drewitt ring
HG displaying her BTO ring and her blue Ed Drewitt ring

The only peregrine chick to hatch at St John’s church in Bath this year was ringed on 29 May, and from the bio measurements recorded it is believed that it is a female. She now carries a BTO ring on her right leg and a blue ring from Ed Drewitt’s ringing and monitoring programme, call sign HG, on her left. At 20 days old she weighed in at a healthy 650g and the attentive parent birds are feeding her
regularly and well, so things are looking good for fledging at around three weeks from now.

The falcon remained pretty laid back during the removal and ringing process. She moved to the front of the box calling, then settled down and stared at the back of the box where the chick had been removed. When HG was replaced the falcon lifted and landed on the camera pole at about 1.5m distant. Within a few minutes she was back in the box feeding HG. Result! A couple of days later the falcon is pictured guarding the box from circling gulls.

On Saturday 1 June, while Mike Rogers (Hawk and Owl Trust Trustee, Treasurer and Bath Peregrine Watch Lead) and Trust member/ Watch stalwart Christine, his wife, were engaging with Bath residents, tourists from as far and wide as California, and time served ornithologists and long serving watchers on the Avon riverbank watch-point, I grabbed this shot of HG apparently taking note of the process as mum launches to perch on her new favourite position on the camera pole.

The parent bird standing watch over the 'Bath One'!
The parent bird standing watch over the ‘Bath One’!

As we only have the one chick at Bath we are now on tenterhooks awaiting, but not wanting to miss the fledging. Watch this space.

Those of you who have been regularly visiting the Bath webcam will be aware that the view has altered. After checking with “eyes on the ground” the change occurred when both adults landed on the pole for a food pass and took off almost simultaneously. Personally, I like the new view which will give us some really good capture of HG developing.

Hamish Smith
Bath Peregrine Project Coordinator
HOT Bath and West Wilts Group

2 Responses to The ‘Bath One’ is Ringed and Unhatched Eggs Taken For Analysis

  1. We don’t name the wild Peregrines at Bath but if we did the young female with the blue HG ring would have to be named ‘Mercury’. On second thoughts not really a name for a young female!

    • Mercury: Roman God of financial gain, commerce and eloquence.

      Mike Rogers: HOT Trustee and Treasurer based in the Roman city of Bath.

      Just thought it was worth a mention………